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Quadrant Magnetics is a U.S. based company that specializes in permanent magnet materials and magnetic assemblies. With international manufacture sites and strategic partnerships, their strength is not only their world-class materials, but also their services in advanced engineering, design assistance, diagnostic testing, fabrication and supply chain solutions. Their goal is to ensure that their customer’s application using their permanent magnets meets their objective in both performance and cost. As a leading supplier to some of the most demanding high-tech industries, their contributions to customers in the medical, automotive and security industry, just to name a few, have ultimately placed the customer and Quadrant Magnetics at the forefront of magnetic solutions.


Magnetic material selection, mechanical / structural design, finite element analysis studies, fabrication, assembly, rapid prototyping and custom packaging. With facilities in both the US and China, Quadrant Magnetics creates rapid prototypes and full scale production runs. By utilizing their capacity to fabricate applications of any size, shape or material, Quadrant Magnetics can turn your idea or concept into reality in a matter of days.

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Quadrant Magnetics is US-based, head-quartered in Louisville, Kentucky. They strategically leverage their global facilities along with supply-chain partnerships, to directly and cost-effectively supply the highest quality and most reliable magnetic components in the marketplace. Quadrant Magnetics has a facility (US owned) located in Tonglu, China which has the following divisions: Material, Machining and Services that include coatings (Nickel, zinc, parylene abd epoxy paint) and molding.



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