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Based in DeLeon Springs, Florida, Sparton Navigation and Exploration is a division of Sparton, Inc., an electronics and electromechanical manufacturing firm. They have more than a century of experience in designing and building products for governments and industries worldwide including systems, subsystems, and components such as digital compasses and advanced acoustic hydrophones. They offer inertial and acoustic sensor products as well as their knowledgeable and highly-experienced engineering team to help effectively integrate Sparton’s sensor solutions into their customer’s applications.


Inertial Sensors

Sparton designs and manufactures MEMS-based inertial sensor systems that provide exceptional accuracy when measuring magnetic heading, orientation, and position in static and dynamic environments. Sparton’s sensor technology delivers accurate, low power, low cost, robust sensor platforms for military, industrial, and commercial applications.

Acoustic Sensors

Sparton hydrophones are an excellent choice for underwater applications requiring a small, rugged, omnidirectional, broadband solution. Designed to provide high quality performance and real world durability at an affordable price, the Sparton hydrophone meets the most demanding needs.

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Applications requiring the highest degree of precision trust Sparton as their go-to solution for inertial sensor systems. The entire product family, from inertial measurement units (IMU) to attitude heading reference systems (AHRS), performs to task for the toughest, most ruggedized solutions. Stemming from their roots in government contracting, the Sparton suite of products are unmatched for critical solutions such as laser targeting, satellite communications, unmanned vechicles, and oil and gas exploration.

Defense & Targeting
Antenna Positioning
Unmanned Systems
Surveying Land & Sea



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