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WKW Extrusion is a group including the German company Erbsloeh Aluminium GmbH. WKW Extrusion is an established manufacturer of DISPAL® material, a range of high performance aluminium alloys produced using a spray compaction process.

The DISPAL® high silicon material is superior to aluminum with higher temperature thresholds, higher stiffness characteristics, lower thermal expansion and low friction. It is also lighter than steel and lower cost than titanium.

These alloys are used in wide range of applications where unmatched productivity, accuracy and reliability are required. Examples include:

  • Mass production automotive powertrain components
  • Formula One
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Satellites
  • High precision optical and measurement instrumentation
  • Printing equipment
  • Pick & place technology

The exceptional material performance and cost benefit are key features of the DISPAL® alloy range. In close collaboration with customers, market driven solutions have been developed to reduce weight, increase component life, improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The alloys are characterized by low density, high stiffness, superior strength — particularly at high temperatures — excellent wear properties, a low and adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion and outstanding machinability.

Since production began in 1990, more than 45,000 tons of DISPAL high performance alloys have been produced. The mainstay of the product line, the cylinder liner, is being supplied to Daimler, Honda, BMW, GM and others for mass production. Other industries benefiting from this high performing material include aerospace, military & defense, semiconductor, robotics, liner actuation and other industrial applications.


  • High Silicon Aluminum Alloys
  • Design, Development. Prototype & Production
  • Spray Compaction Process
  • Highest Performance Aluminum Alloys

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  • Superior to aluminum
  • High temperature & stiffness
  • Low expansion and friction
  • Lower cost than titanium
  • Extensive design, development & prototype services
  • Low, medium to high volume production



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